Digital Signage Perth

Digital Signage is the most effective way to transmit campaigns, communicate with large audiences and entertain the public, DigiFrame Australia is pround to play a major part in delivering digital signage solutions to the whole of Australia.

Our train staff are ready to create the best solution for your business -

  • Effective advertising
  • Efficient communication
  • reusable hardware
  • Instant message management
  • Eye catching effects

We all use the internet, an essential part of business life, digital signage gives us the ability to broadcast that same information to a direct geographical location or locations.

Digital Signage is not just a sign, its interactive, with the ability to link with all of our smart devices e.g. smart phones, tablet PC's, bluetooth devices, NFC (near field communication) devices. Technology can grow your business, brand, and leave a lasting impression with all who see and interact with it.


Commercial displays design for 24/7 use, indoor and outdoor environments.

Its up to you to choose the application and deliver your message!