Android Touch Displays

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  • Open your eyes -To a new, faster, more exciting touch display solution. Packed with the latest technologies, the Android Interactive is designed to connect with the end user and their mobile devices.
  • Leave a lasting impression - Connect directly to users smartphone or tablet to transfer information. 
  • Attraction - A motion detection sensor activates the touch program as the user enters its field of view.
  • Freedom - Access all current media formats. Connected to the internet, information is endless.
  • Sleek - Modern slimline design, powerful yet elegant. One unit no attachments, a complete build from the ground up.
The Android interactive displays come in a range of sizes to suit different environments.

Companies who have spent high $$$$ on mobile apps, social media feeds, websites and digital advertising campaigns can integrate them in to our touch screens easily. We have tailored our software to be -

  • Easy to use
  • Fully customisable
  • In-line with latest hardware technologies
  • Ability to function on Static or Dynamic networks
  • Complete remote access
  • monitor what your hardware is showing
  • reporting on content interaction

Panel : Tempered Glass
Display Area : 10" / 21.5” / 42” / 55”
Aspect Ratio : 16:9 Landscape / 9:16 Portrait
Native Resolution : 10" - 1280x752 / 21.5" - 55" 1920 x 1080 Landscape / 1080 x 1920 Portrait
Viewing Angle : 178˚ / 178˚
Input : 1 x USB
Output : 1 x HDMI
Touch System : Infrared two point touch
Camera : 1 x 1.3MP Web camera Auto Focus (Internal)
Microphone : 1 x Mono unidirectional microphone (Internal)
Sensors : 1 x Infrared motion detection (Internal)
Audio System : 10watt amplified stereo speaker system (Internal)
Construction (Display) : Steel structure, Aluminium extrusion, Acrylic face, tempered glass panel
Construction (Stand) : Tempered glass, two pack acrylic panelling
Connectivity : Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth V4.0, NFC
Power : <0.7w in standby
Periferals Infrared Hand Held Barcode Scanner (Optional)

Integrate your Google Apps with the touch software to produce an effective marketing tool

with reporting features available at your fingertips. Know what content is working for your business

and providing value to your business. Use the internet to change campaigns instantly.

It's as easy as drag n drop!