BrightSign Network Media Player

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Enjoy easy, networked content updates and live data feeds along with flawless video playback, 
and Ethernet synchronization for video wall applications.The BrightSign HD220 is ideal for 
playing looping digital signs and networked content, while enabling you to update your 
presentations remotely over a network connection. Playlist creation, publishing and content 
management are made simple using the included BrightAuthor software. And you can easily 
keep your displays up to date without ever leaving the office by simply choosing a 
BrightSign networking solution that meets your needs. We offer versatile and scalable solutions 
beginning with free basic content delivery to complete hosted network management.



  • Delivers Full HD 1080p video playback

  • Includes a robust media handling platform for superior video and image playback performance

  • Supports looping video and and networked content playback
  • Offers multi-zone and full screen layouts supporting video, images, text tickers and RSS media feeds
  • Network enabled for:
    • Updating content from a remote location
    • Live Text and integration with networked databases
    • RSS media, Twitter and Flickr feed playback
    • IP streaming from IP cameras supporting the RTSP unicast streaming protocol
    • Creating unique video wall displays
    • UDP command support
    • Utilizing dynamic playlists to update a set of content without republishing an entire presentation

  • Contains a real-time clock for date and time zones, scheduling and dayparting
  • Packaged in an ultra-compact size and easily mounted out of sight
  • Offers HDMI and VGA connectivity
  • Includes:
    • BrightAuthor Software for playlist creation and publishing
    • Free and Optional BrightSign Networking Solutions