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Content Management System

One of the easiest ways to deliver content to a digital display.

Simply create your content, upload it to our virtual server and deliver your playlists to 1 or more displays.

How do you do this you might ask....

Each of our CMS range of displays has Wi-Fi onboard and receiving software, its as simple as - mount your display,

scan for your Wi-Fi device, enter your password which will be stored in the Display and start uploading. The biggest

advantage of Cloud based CMS is the ability to send content to displays from anywhere with internet connectivity.!


I read somewhere recently that 'Content is Gold'. The most factual statement I've seen in a long time. Some things to consider when creating content for digital signage are -

Audience - Is this a personal message or a message broadcast to the masses. Personal messages generally contain high amounts of information to educate the viewer, crowd broadcasting content should be less information and more point based.

Viewing Distance - Too much clutter when viewed from a distance will appear blurred and un-readable.

Subject - Is the content ALL relevant to the subject matter.

Type of Content - Is the content web based, changing continuously e.g. Weather, RSS feeds, time, this will dictate the hardware required to run it.

Location of Broadcast - Is the content for passers by or stationary audiences.....rule of thumb 1. moving audiences, still images have the best impact 2. stationary audiences, video content.

Digital signage helps business create dynamic brand awareness, instantly, anywhere, anytime....

Interactive Modifications

Hey all just completed a large job for an important client, interactive projection system with specialised software....Now normally we would supply the hardware with standard templates, but with the team we have on board the software modifactions went seamlessly. Just remember what you see on our website is not only what we sell!

Check out our video page for the basic range and decide what your needs and modifications are, we're more than happy to accomodate your needs.

Video Walls are becoming common place

Video walls and multi-display, digital signage configurations are moving away from being expensive and exotic status symbols and toward being a more commonplace in stores, restaurants, hotels, transportation centres and many other public places.

In almost any public space, from malls to airports, the public is becoming increasingly familiar with this highly effective and attention grabbing medium.

Video walls include front and rear projection, LED video arrays, and LCD and plasma displays, with LCD display and front projection video walls combining for the majority of the market.

A number of factors have seen a shift to LCD displays for video walls, from narrower bezels to lower prices for large-format (more than 32 inch) displays.

What better way to grab attention than a 'larger than life' Video Wall!!

Digital Signage in Retail

Digital Signage is increasingly becoming the answer for retailers who are looking for new and innovative ways to communicate with customers.

Digital signage enables retailers an 'In House' option to create flashy, eye catching content in tighter timeframes by eliminating the need to produce, distribute and dispose of print collateral.

This content can also be delivered more effectively by using data to determine when and where a particular ad should be displayed. By making the message contextual and relevant to the viewer, the impact of brand messaging increases substantially.

With the versatility in panel sizes and the ever increasing list of new technologies supported by this medium the Digital Sign is the way forward for the modern retailer.

Food for Thought…

Let’s start with the obvious - Digital Signage is dependent on visual content. It is like telling a story as loudly and vividly as possible so that you stand out of the crowd and get noticed.

When you are considering a Digital Signage campaign you should always have a clear view on what you want to achieve.

· What is the overall purpose?

· Who is the target demographic that you want to influence?

· How are you going to select the content you are going to use?

· Where and when are you going to distribute and activate this content?


Consistency is important in any publicity of your brand. Try to utilise the differences in your brand, the things that make you stand out from the competition and makes customers easily recognize your products and services. Try to transform your brand's attributes that provoke sensations, feelings, emotions and behavioural responses into content for digital signage.

The purpose is not just to use your digital signage network as an advertising medium. It is also important to communice an overall brand personality with your customers. You want to be working towards a sense of trust and reliability that you want your customers to feel about your brand.

Digital displays are present in places that people shop, work, walk, dine, meet and interact with each other — so digital signage advertising campaigns are an excellent medium for engaging your audience on the spot.

Frequently people are just passing by without really noticing their surrounding environment. So the opportunity is there to catch their eye and make them active participants in the campaign. The audience will easily notice that a display is there and can appreciate its interactive purpose.

In return, these are the customers that will give you the most valuable feedback about your brand. And, needless to say, that positive reaction improves your brand perception and hopefully your sales.