LG External Media Player

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The LG NC1000 is an innovative Solid State Media Player that function as

an integral component of LG's Public Display Solutions.

The NC1000 is an external unit that attaches to the back of a display.

Once connected to multiple screen options, this Media Player can transmit content

such as way finding, dynamic advertising, information boards, and broadcast video in Full HD.

Included Management Software is intuitive and user-friendly and allows you to

quickly navigate through menus to control your networked displays and simultaneously

run media files such as video, images, audio, and flash.

LG makes it simple with a Media Player optimized for Digital Signage Networks.


  • Elegant Purpose-Engineered Design
  • Low Power, Low Heat, Low Noise Operation*
  • Solid State Hard Drive
  • Optimized High-Performance Graphics
  • Full HD Resolution, Analog and Digital
  • Analog and Digital Audio Outputs
  • Peripheral Support via USB, Serial and Mini-Express
  • Integrated Mounting System
  • Designed to Load and Play Industry Standard Signage Software and Media Types
  • Includes Windows® Embedded Standard
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • *As compared to magnetic hard drives